Damn Vegans Episode 005.


“Inflammation comes first, then disease. It’s a build up of inflammation and then finally something in your body, it’s weakest point, will be effected. It’s different for every person. That’s why there are so many diseases of inflammation.”
~Amanda Congdon, The Damn Vegans Podcast 005

golden mylk
Mario’s Golden Pumpkin Seed Turmeric Mylk fights inflammation.


This week on the podcast… Mario and I ask an OUTRAGEOUS question on the Vegans United Facebook group–it has literally created outrage– as well as garnered 300+ comments. I launch a side business as an Inflammation Reduction Specialist. I’m the I.R.S.!

After only a few days on a raw diet, a client from Seattle is already taking less medication and walking around more. We recommend non-believers with inflammatory diseases try the diet, even if they don’t think it will work. Just give it 21 days. It doesn’t take “belief” to work.

Mario and Amanda discuss different forms of vegan activism and debate about best practices. Mario’s main form of advocacy is through tasty food and waiting for a good opening. Amanda doesn’t care for PETA’s “sex sells” angle or believe “trigger warnings” are in anyone’s best interest.

damn vegans podcast

You are hereby invited to join the “Sunshine Club”, by listening to this week’s episode of The Damn Vegans Podcast 005!