The Void: 5 Pitfalls to avoid when changing your diet

amanda water

Reflecting on how best to bring YOU our spring fruit & veg cleanse on the edge of the Big Horn River in Wyoming.

Why is it often so difficult to do the things we KNOW are good for ourselves? And why do we sometimes find it hard to refuse the things we know *for certain* are bad for us?

As we inch closer and closer to spring, the season of rebirth, I would like to talk to you about habits. Forming them or breaking them or both; most of us could improve ourselves by upgrading our daily systems.

Many of us are looking to eat more healthfully, or get into the routine of daily exercise. Maybe we’ve promised our significant others we’ll stop slamming doors when we’re angry (sorry Mario!) or are simply hoping to read more books and watch less television. That’s right… most of us are working on SOMETHING.

Changing what you’re doing can lead to changing WHO YOU ARE. And it takes both IRONCLAD INTENTION and DAILY DEVOTION to turn that *new* thing into a *regular* thing.

I’d like to take a moment to read you a passage from one of my favorite authors, Michael Singer. He writes in his book, The Untethered Soul:

You can have a different relationship with your mind. Whenever it starts telling you what you should or shouldn’t do in order to get the world to match your preconceived concepts, don’t listen. It’s just like when you try to stop smoking. Regardless of what your mind says, you don’t pick up a cigarette and put it in your mouth. It doesn’t matter if it is just after dinner. It doesn’t matter if you get anxious and your feel the need. It doesn’t matter what the reason is– your hand simply does not touch cigarettes anymore. Likewise, when your mind starts telling you what you have to do to make everything inside okay, don’t buy into what it’s telling you. The truth is, everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything. And that’s the only time everything will be okay.

Interestingly, as I was preparing to write this blog post, I came across an article in Psychology Today which basically says that all the spiritual stuff Singer details in Untethered is actually backed by modern clinical science. This man knows what he’s talking about.

When we reach for processed foods, even vegan processed food, we are doing so because we crave INSTANT gratification. Processed foods hit our bloodstreams faster, which make them more addictive than whole foods.

Here are the 5 major pitfalls I see people struggle with when embarking on a fruit and veggie cleanse:

  1. They’re UNPREPARED. If you don’t have enough ripe fruits and veggies on hand, you can easily become hungry and desperate… which can lead to the eating of less healthy options.
  2. They WAIT UNTIL THEY’RE STARVING TO EAT. You have to eat a lot more VOLUME of unprocessed plant foods in order to meet the calorie requirements necessary to make the cleanse doable, which can baffle folks (eat MORE to lose weight?). Starting the day with a GIANT fruit and veg smoothie is a great idea for something quick and nutritious so you can start your morning without a calorie deficit. TOOL ALERT: use to track caloric intake during the cleanse. I highly recommend this tactic if this is your first time doing a fruit and veggie cleanse.
  3. They have NO SUPPORT. Most people around you will still be eating things that are “off cleanse”. Prior to the cleanse please set yourself up for success by finding a wingman or wingwoman for support either online or off. It’s also important to give the other people you live with or spend a lot of time with a heads up that you’ll be doing the cleanse. Who knows? Maybe once they know it’s the type of cleanse where you don’t go starving they’ll be pumped to join you!
  4. They LET THEIR MINDS GET IN THE WAY. Emotional and Distracted eating are both extremely common. To avoid them, don’t eat while on your phone, iPad, computer or while watching TV. Also, when emotions are running high, do your best to find calm before digging in.
  5. They FALL OFF THE WAGON– AND STAY OFF! Don’t let one slip up send you into a guilt spiral. Just keep moving forward doing what it is you set out to do. The Cool Down Cleanse is not about being PERFECT. It’s about KEEPING GOING. Please, please, please hear me on this. It’s not about being PERFECT. It’s about KEEPING GOING.

Now solving the first three pitfalls is pretty self explanatory. Buy more healthy food, make sure you give yourself time to eat the healthy food you’ve purchased and find support. If you want some great tips on how to acquire the best fruit and veggies… check out Damn Vegans 007.

If you’re interested in doing the 100% Free Cool Down Cleanse (CDC) with me at the end of the month, start putting some feelers out now for an accountability buddy. If you don’t have a friend or family member local to you who is interested, we’ve got you covered. Later this month, we’ll invite you into a totally free Facebook group, where Mario and I will provide support daily. There you’ll be able to partner up with another likeminded individual so you are NEVER ALONE while taking such an enormous step for your health.

One thing that some people find helpful, is to do a *specific activity* the moment their mind tells them to do what it is they’re working hard NOT to do. Whether that’s to drop into a yoga pose, hop into the bathtub, step out outside to get some fresh air, watch a cute baby elephant video (or scream into a pillow!)… make a plan for what you will do when cravings hit. Because THEY WILL HIT.

Sometimes uttering a mantra like “My hands only touch foods that are healthful for me” or practicing aversion therapy is helpful. I know at least one person that has found great success wearing a rubber band on her wrist and snapping it to reset her mind whenever a craving hit.

Also, if you’re desiring a particular texture, like you miss the crunch of chips or sweetness of cane sugar… find a suitable replacement BEFORE starting any new cleanse or diet. If you’ve been reading our weekly newsletter for a while now, you’re aware of my love for pasta, so I expect to be eating A LOT of zucchini and cucumber noodles once going full throttle on the CDC. Love carbonated soda? Drink seltzer with a squeeze of citrus or learn how to make natural soda with Mario!

And now for a moment of tough love… none of this will be easy. BUT it will be worth it. To my knowledge the CDC is THE FASTEST ROUTE to reversing inflammation in the body AND losing weight. All I can do is give you the information. I can’t make you do the mental, emotional and practical prep work that it takes for anyone to be successful on this cleanse and see massive results.

I’m so very excited to cleanse my system alongside you later this month. The CDC is like the Home Depot of cleanses… “You can do it. We can help.”

Now off to do some of my own prep work…

To your health,