To Do lists are great but what’s on your TO DON’T LIST?

Last week in the newsletter and podcast I briefly touched on a bad habit of mine. When I’m angry, I tend to slam doors. It’s not something I’m proud of… but it got me thinking.

Why can’t I stop doing it?

I’ve identified it as bad for my family and myself, yet I’m still at it. Not often, but it happens. Then afterwards, big time guilt spiral. It’s a colossal waste of energy.

I’ve tried screaming into a pillow. I’ve tried deep breathing. I’ve tried a change of scenery.


Yoga usually helps with everything but who wants to drop into downward dog when negativity strikes? Nice plan in theory, but the LAST THING I want to do when I’m truly angry is something I know will be good for me.

Isn’t it funny how the human mind works?

So what IS my plan? Don’t laugh. My plan to control my anger is to STOP GETTING ANGRY.

Is it even possible?

I don’t know… yet. But I’m going to find out. Either way I plan to report back with the honest truth.

Did you know the most financially successfully people out there (just one way to measure success, but a valid one) make “TO DON’T” lists?

It’s not that I plan to never FEEL the anger… I assume I will feel angry again. It’s that the moment it creeps up, I will choose not to identify with it. I will choose not to hold it tightly inside my muscles. I will immediately release it instead. It’s not me… so it can go bye-bye just as quickly as it popped up.

Catch and release (don’t try this on fish).

So, my intent is to refuse to indulge anger in any way. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT! I have to carve out time to get anything meaningful done as a nursing mother of a 1 and 3 year old… I’m certainly not going to “make time” for anger.

Mario and I had an interesting conversation the other day.

There are two primary ways to change your diet:

a) jump in with both feet or

We urge the “vegan tentative” not to focus on “cutting stuff out” of their diet, but to fill up on good stuff (meaning organic produce, basically) so they have no appetite left for the bad stuff.

When giving out advice there is always a kernel of the message that is meant for the adviser.

So what can I crowd out of my life???? You guessed it. THE ANGER!

Want to hear the little nugget of information that gave me that extra push I needed to commit to the NO DOOR SLAMMING challenge? I learned this week that RICH PEOPLE DON’T GET ANGRY.

They also don’t watch TV. They don’t lie. And they don’t hang out with people who complain.

What do these three things have in common? They are WASTES OF ENERGY.

We all have a finite amount of energy available to us each day. This energy goes up and down based on how we expend and refuel it.

Our health, naturally, is a huge if not the main factor in our level of energy. Also important are the people around us, how much time we spend in nature, and whether or not we are advancing our life’s purpose… or just floating around avoiding making meaningful decisions.

Now maybe you’re not interested in accumulating wealth and bathing in it like Scrooge McDuck. But there is still so much to learn from the people who are #winning in a very traditional “American Dream” sense.

Personally, I’m very money motivated so this information has hit me like a ton of bricks. I now know an actionable step I can take to further my business goals. I can STOP WASTING ENERGY BEING ANGRY.
Imagine for a moment you are your ideal self.

The person who has ditched the baggage.
The person who has shown all bad habits the door.
The person who lives intentionally with every action, with every thought.
The person who FACES instead of AVOIDS fears.
The person who is comfortable saying NO to propositions that are just so-so.
The person who is surrounded by good food, good books and good people.
The person who has designed a lovely living space.
The person who takes responsibility for mistakes, but doesn’t apologize unnecessarily.
The person who sleeps deeply at night.
The person who springs out of bed in the morning.
The person whose outward life matches ALL inner priorities.
The person who loves others with abandon.
The person who KNOWS and LOVES themselves.

Who is that person? Are you that person right now? Or is that person someone you would like to be at some point… in the future… once this happens or that happens…

Take a glimpse of that ideal self of yours. How does it feel to step into that vision? You CAN be that person. What you need to do is say “enough is enough”… I’m going to be that person right now. NO MORE WAITING.

Get to know the vibrant person who lives in total alignment with every value and belief. That person is “The Real You”.

Motivational B.S., right? Wrong. Don’t wait any longer to be the person you know you have the potential to be.

And hey, if you’re already there… RIGHT ON.

Mario and I are here hustling in your footsteps.

To your health,

Mario and Amanda

PS: The countdown to the Cool Down Cleanse has begun! March 31 we kick off so get your fruit and veggie procurement plan in order. Doors to the free Facebook group open Friday, March 25. **Inside the group you’ll have access to the Cool Down Cleanse Guide which we won’t be releasing anywhere else at this time.**

More to come…

Oh, and… Namaste. 😉