THE VOID: Go Fig or Go Home




Helloooooooo spring!

Are you ready to meet the season eye-to-eye by allowing new growth and powerful changes into your life?

This week has been a bit of a roller-coaster as I’ve finished writing and editing the Cool Down Cleanse Protocol and packaged it to release privately (at first) to friends, family and Vegan Mario’s supporters–those who subscribe to our newsletter or iTunes feed.

It’s magical how at times all your ideas fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle and at certain moments you just have to step back in awe of the abundant support you’re receiving from the universe.

I’ve been experiencing some profound synchronicities as of late… and I wonder if others take note of those kind of things too. I started believing in the power of the universe to hint at where I should be going when I was pregnant with my son back in 2012.

At the time I was deciding where I would give birth to him and was weighing the pros and cons of home birth, hospital birth and birth center birth. As I was speaking on the phone with a midwife in Santa Barbara, I gasped as she told me her name. I was in the car while Mario was driving and he’d just taken a RIGHT TURN on Laurel Street in downtown Ventura. At that same exact moment she said her name was Laurel, not the most common of names, and started telling me about her midwifery group in Santa Barbara.

I did my due diligence and visited the center before I made my decision but I was pretty sure the universe was pointing me in the right direction. Laurel was on duty the night my son was born and was there for me, present and wonderful, when he traveled down my birth canal and into his daddy’s hands.

Every now and then in life we all approach the edge of a cliff and have one of two choices to make: take the leap or go home. Sometimes going home is the right answer. Perhaps we haven’t prepared for the leap and need to turn around and regroup before jumping. Perhaps the leap is too big and we need to find an alternative route to get where we’re going or figure out how to jimmy rig some sort of bridge across to the other side. But often times we “go home” simply because ALL LEAPS ARE SCARY.

There is no way to un-scarify big life changes. Even if those changes are innately positive ones… they tend to dredge up inner darkness and old blockages. Some people enjoy the work of removing inner stuckness, but most don’t, which is why so many of us remain innerly stuck for years, sometimes decades, on end.

But not you. If you are reading this now, you are ready for a big change in your life. I have complete faith that the universe would not have put these words in front of you today if you weren’t in a place where you could benefit from a system upgrade. Yes, even us humans need to “reset” now and again to reach new heights.

I’m shaking right now as I write these words because fear is real and we all experience it. The interesting thing about fear is that if we avoid it, it will hang around waiting for a time for us to acknowledge it. It will bury itself deep into our muscles and wreck havoc on our bodies while waiting for us to simply accept its existence. It can really stress us out!

But stress is great because it’s like a weathervane telling us what is out of balance in our lives. We aren’t meant to live in permanent stress, as way too many of us do. We are meant to learn from stress, make appropriate changes in our lives and then move on to do magnificent things.

Do you know anyone who lives in a constant state of stress? Do you sometimes feel like you just want to shake them and let them know there IS another way to operate in the world?

Let’s de-stress our bodies together by eating only the best of the best when it comes to fuel. Yes, I’m talking about you taking the leap and doing The Cool Down Cleanse with me. It starts Thursday.

The funny thing about fear is that once it is acknowledged, it doesn’t hang around. When I’m fearful I like to say to myself, “I’m feeling scared right now and that’s ok.” Once you’re okay with fear it simply cannot stick around because it thrives on “NOT OK-ness”. It’s a practice to open your heart to fear instead of turning away from it.

There was a time in my life when I was in a lot of pain and used to drown my sorrows in back-to-back episodes of Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. I didn’t have an actual therapist, just Dr. Katz. Although for the most part the TV binging was an effort to escape the life I had created, there were some great nuggets in there that Dr. Katz shared and that have stuck with me.

One thing he posed to his “patients” was, “If you followed through with [insert scary thing here] and it didn’t work out, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” Usually the worst thing is not so bad at all, especially if you are mentally prepared for any possible outcome. My life has improved significantly ever since I decided to resign myself to doing my best work and letting the universe take care of what happens next. The results are simply not up to me.

All we can do in life is put ourselves out there and let forces beyond our control do the rest. But if we never put ourselves out there, if we hide under the covers or drown ourselves in our Hulu queue, we are giving the universe nothing to work with and we’ll never know what we’re capable of achieving.

Accountability update: no doors have been slammed since last week’s podcast. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about refer to Damn Vegans 009.

Great news! The Cool Down Cleanse Protocol is live as of today! Head over to which will redirect you to our free Facebook support group. Just click the “JOIN GROUP” button and Mario or I will approve you. Once your inside the group, go to the “Files” tab and download the CDC Protocol. Review its contents and make your fruit and veg shopping plan so you are ready to go when we start the cleanse as a group on Thursday, March 31.

It’s decision making time. Are you going FIG, or going home?