THE VOID: Are you here for leading or healing? 

It’s a big topic.

Too big for an essay: Why are we here? Why are YOU walking the earth at this specific point in time?

The great philosophers have weighed in… what about you? Do you feel like you know WHY you’re here? Of course we can’t know 100% for certain… but you probably have an inkling if you’re the type of *aware* person who is interested in reading a post like this.

Maybe you will agree with me here: I believe we are all on this earth to grow. We learn every day. Some of us pursue knowledge, others absorb it passively… but we all spend our days learning.

What do we learn?

We learn what works.


We learn what we can do to be improved versions of ourselves. “Better” people are happier and more effective in the world. They’re not better than other people, but better than they used to be…  perhaps, after some effort,  less a product of the trauma that inevitably hits us all in this “thing called life”.

Sometimes we know we’re falling into a negative pattern, but it can be hard to extract ourselves from the death grip of dark thoughts. Despite this, even when we’re not being so nice, we ARE learning how to be nicer. Because being nicer is what works in the universe.

ALIGNMENT HAPPENS WHEN WE ARE NICE, then happiness follows, then it compounds if we stay consistently nice, and eventually our heart chakras feel bright enough to burst!

We can only lie, be rude or be unfriendly for so long until we get sick. Once we’re sick, we have a choice: either focus on the sickness, or focus on how we can become BETTER than our sick selves.

If we choose to focus on how to get better rather than dwelling on how sick we are, we are on the path to healing.

This week I’ve been hanging out in several virtual vegan groups letting people know about the AMAZING, ENGAGED community being built over in the Cool Down Cleanse Community group on Facebook. So far we have 200+ members and counting, all focused on one thing: self-healing. Mario and I have been participating several times each day, posting recipes and other resources… as well as providing the support so necessary for success, and which most other cleanse programs lack.

One of the funny, (or actually kind of sad) things I’ve noticed this week is how many people in online support groups clearly do NOT want to get well.

Let me give you an example. Asthma in an inflammatory disease that responds well to dietary changes, especially the removal of dairy products. But after private messaging an admin from the biggest Asthma support group on Facebook, and sending her The Cool Down Cleanse Protocol to review, she and her fellow admins decided not to allow my ideas into their group, even if I did not directly promote the cleanse. They let me know I could join but my thoughts, no matter how well supported by references to experts who publish in the field of natural healing, would not be welcome. Ummm… what?

Here’s #truthmoment for ya. Some people DO NOT WANT TO GET BETTER. They want to take pills, suck on inhalers, and complain.

Now believe me, I used to complain as much as anyone.  But I’ve worked hard to remove that kind of dialogue from my daily life. I’m certainly not perfect, but I’m improving. Complaining is an energy drain, a waste of mind space and DOES NOT HELP ANYONE; not the complainer, and not the person listening to the complaints.

I’m  very excited for the people in the CDC Community! Tomorrow many of them will embark on the Cool Down Cleanse and many are, as I type this, preparing to transform their minds and bodies in a few short hours. They are TAKING ACTION, instead of making excuses.

After action comes follow-through, and then these fantastic folks will be ready to lead… or if they are already leading, they will be adding some positively life-altering personal experience to their belts which will allow them to be even more effective at what they do.

It’s not too late to join us on the cleanse.

To all of you out there right now focused on healing, you who are committed to getting well and are working on losing weight or ridding yourself of an inflammatory condition (or two)… we support you!

Before Mario and I started down this plant-based leadership path, we devoted considerable time and energy to our own healing.  Now, we believe we actually understand our reason to be here. It is to BRING TOGETHER the many who light the path to wellness for people, animals, and the planet we all inhabit. This is important work, and we feel truly happy to be a part of it.

To all leaders out there… rock on with your *good* selves. I’m sure we have a lot we could learn from each other.

I want to leave you with a quote from author, Dennis P. Kimbro:

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

If Dennis is right, 90% of a good life is up to us.  Food for thought. 😉