THE VOID: The Importance of Close Ties


Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. I get it. Putting yourself out there can be scary.

A short two weeks ago, to this very I day, I set out to create a Facebook group based on my recent eBook juuuuust completed on March 24, The Cool Down Cleanse Protocol (which is freely available if you are a member of the complimentary support group that goes with it).

THE VERY FIRST PEOPLE who populated that group were my closest friends and family members. They posted pictures and recipes, they asked questions and gave tips… THEY DID (and are doing), the cleanse which ends Monday night. MY FREAKIN’ CLEANSE!

When we think about “connections”, we usually think about someone who “knows someone important”. Someone, perhaps, removed from their closest inner circle.


I’m writing this essay to give you the push you might need to reach out to your inner circle BEFORE ANYONE ELSE when you have a new idea you want to introduce to the world. They will give you the most direct feedback, and you know they have your best interests at heart. They WANT you to succeed. If someone is technically your family member, but DOESN’T want you to succeed, I’m not talking about this person. Don’t reach out to someone like that.


My mom just lost 7 lbs in 8 days sticking to the cleanse regime outlined in the Cool Down Cleanse Protocol. She is CRUSHING the cleanse, and helping others through her recipes and positively contagious enthusiasm. I’m not paying my mom to be my virtual co-worker. SHE WANTS ME TO SUCCEED.

Do you have a project coming down the pipeline? I recommend pow-wowing with your inner circle before releasing it. You don’t need a fancy board of directors, you need people you trust to be your guiding light, or HANDS (shout out to my hilarious sis-in-law who’s featured in this Conan sketch released earlier in the week–>…)


1. Your death-knell mantra: “I can do it all myself, all the time.”

2. You’re a little uppity: “He did that? I could do that better.”

3. You aspire to take on every industry… “I’m not paying for that. I could figure that out myself” (someday)…

4. You bounce back and forth between hyping yourself up and throwing your hands up in the air when the “I can’ts” kick in.

5. You type the word “I” a lot in daily correspondence (email, texts). I. I. I. I. I. I. I.

6. You want to hold out and surprise everyone with your amazing work… WHEN IT’S PERFECT.

7. You share your ideas with anonymous strangers in forums but not with your favorite aunt.

8. You hide from phone calls (everyone’s! even close ties!).

9. You get distracted (what’s new in my Hulu queue…)

10. You feel like you’re treading water most days ‪#‎overwhelm‬

Everyone is always a work in progress… but how fast are you progressing? I want to let you know that I HAVE BEEN THERE and I’m working to change.

If you open your heart to those who love you, they will help you complete your mission here on this planet.

We are not meant to be single pixels shining brightly all alone. Step back and check out the big picture… those around you want to support you. They are here to support you. They just need you to be open to their support, and are searching for CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on how to help you.

Thank you to my close ties who were ABSOLUTELY PIVOTAL in getting my latest project off the ground. I’m not sure if I could’ve done it without you.

Perhaps I could have, but how much harder would it have been?

HARDER isn’t better. EASIER is better. Discover the easiness in your days. Your friends and family can help.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART: Sandra, Jim, Gina,Franco, Susanna, Pasquale, Anna, Allison, Alex, Andrew, Hesley, Jennifer,Kenyon, Tamara, Erica, Sara, Emily, Vienna, Martha, Margo, Sara.